The Best Self-Care Tips for Busy Moms

Motherhood can go by in the blink of an eye. Although it’s an incredible journey to give your kids care and guidance crucial for development, it can often feel chaotic to keep up with all of life’s responsibilities on top of being a mom. 


Us moms usually find ourselves taking care of everyone around us first and skip out on practising that same self-care throughout our daily routines. Between kids, partners, work, and staying on top of household tasks, it seems as if there’s never any time to take a break and nourish our own bodies, minds, and souls.


The truth is, finding time for yourself is highly critical. Ensuring that our own bodies and minds are taken care of is crucial for providing that same level of care for our kids.  


Here are a few items that will improve your self-care routine whenever you feel like taking a step back and making time for yourself. 


The 24k Golden Vibrating Facial Roller Massager



This powerful tool is a diamond-grade drainage facial roller that will make you look like you’ve had a full eight hours of sleep, even when you’ve been running on four.


The anti-ageing device amplifies the benefits of a traditional facial roller with its vibrating technology. It’s great for fighting against wrinkles and dark circles to achieve radiant, glowing skin. Its compact design will perfectly fit every crevice of your face to restore firmness, reduce puffiness, and relax facial muscles. Even after one use, your skin will feel firm, refreshed, and lifted. Because the facial roller rotates at 6,000 times per minute, it works great at aiding lymphatic drainage. This will help reduce built-up fluid in your skin, contouring the natural bone structure of your face.


We recommend incorporating this tool into your daily routine for about 10 or 15 minutes, either morning or night. It’s important to use this tool on clean skin. Using this device on leftover makeup could lead to bacteria build-up, which could clog pores and result in discoloration. We recommend using this product alongside your regular skincare routine to promote absorption, reduce tightness, and increase circulation. For maximum results, refrigerate the massage before use, but please remove the battery when freezing. 


Facial Steamer



This amazing device is perfect for having a DIY spa day at home.


Fine lines, large pores, and dryness are all caused by long periods of dehydration. Our stylish Facial Steamer is the perfect at-home solution to achieve moisturized, hydrated skin. The mild steam setting will gently open pores and rehydrate your dry skin to detoxify and cleanse while stimulating circulation.


A gentle, therapeutic steam will work to hydrate your skin’s surface and allow your pores to better absorb the products used in your daily skincare routine. With its portable handle and compact design, having a spa day at home is as simple as ever.


To use the facial steamer, simply take out the water tank and add filtered water. Then, fit the water tank into the facial steamer base and connect the steamer to a power source. Turn on the steamer switch, and wait a few moments to enjoy the relaxing, hydrating steam that will emit from the device. You can place the facial steamer on your desk or counter and sit or stand an arm’s length apart from the steaming emitter. For maximum results, you may also add your favourite essential oil to enjoy all of the benefits of aromatherapy.  


Neck Tension Reliever



If you often find yourself slouching from breastfeeding or carrying your baby throughout half of the day while spending the other half in front of a computer, you probably have a lot of built-up tension in your shoulder and neck. This could be painful to deal with on a daily basis and could only get worse over time if you don’t give yourself the care that you need.


Luckily, we have the perfect tool to help.


Our powerful Neck Tension Reliever will allow you to sit back, relax, and loosen those tight knots that have been building up throughout the day. This massager is felt 3-5cm deep under the skin through innovative, low-cycle pulse technology, opening pain points and reducing cervical tension. The calming heat setting will also help promote blood circulation, relax blood vessels, and reduce deep muscle tension.


With this compact device, you can have a spa day at home – every day—no need to book an expensive massage. If you’re tight on time, you can even use this tension reliever while you’re working from home in front of your computer or for about 10-15 minutes before bed. 


We hope that these tips and tricks have inspired you to slow down and make the time to practise self-care. For more great products like these, visit our Self Care product page!